• Kaio live in the Neutral Zone and are trying to rebuild Heaven
  • Demons are attempting to regain access and a foothold into the Neutral Zone
  • Kaio and Demon are separate again this wipe and do not typically align with each other. Kaio and Demon are both INCLINED good and evil respectively. Likewise, being Mystified or Majinized INCLINES you towards Good or Evil respectively.
  • Earth populace all know of tales of a Guardian that may or may not have existed 450-500 years ago. It's been so long that nobody left alive remembers seeing him. It's ambiguous as to whether or not he was real or a myth. Nobody remembers the Makyojin invasion anymore, not even Makyojin on Earth, it was over 500 years ago. All people remember are the documented tales that have been passed down through the years.
  • Earth suffered three calamities, the Makyojin invasion (around 500 years ago), the Red Ruin (around 400 years ago), and most recently, the "Big Boom", an explosion caused by the mixture of geothermal radiation causing every nuclear reactor on the surface of the planet to violently explode and wipe out most life, except for those in the Bio-Dome.
  • Bio-Dome has been locked since the blast, it's been roughly 50 years since the Big Boom and every previous President passed laws to keep it locked. Recently, the President died in his sleep due to "sudden illness", which remains highly dubious. (An IC election will be held at some point to decide a new President).
  • A Tuffle Seed ship has escaped Vegeta, spreading the geneology and the Tuffle race across the Universe.