Suggested Builds!

These are some builds that other players have found to be successful!



Androids. A race literally built to just power up forever. Their endless supply of energy allows them to effortlessly hit +% of power control that others can barely fathom. The BP this affords them is more than enough to crush any lesser race that they come across.


Just...a Human?

This Human build allows you to take advantage of Third Eye; Focus, Magic Force and power control to reach ridiculous levels of battle power while also obliterating any and all foolish enough to walk into the line of your fire of your ki attacks.


It's over...9000!!!

This Majin build is all about using power control to increase their already incredible battle power while employing the "death by a thousand cuts in under a second" strategy with ki blade and their amazing speed. A terror to face in any situation!

Bio Androids

Ki Attacks! Everywhere!

A Bio-Android is all about murdering everything and anyone with the ability to power up endlessly and hit them with massive ki-based attacks or ki blade to cut clean through any and all whom step before them.



A solid physical attacker that uses both power control and a sword to bring down it's opponents within moments of the battle beginning. With use of the Odin or Horus pantheon abilities you're unlikely to ever be hit by lesser foes.

Demigod (Force Build)

This build takes advantage of Demigod's pantheon ability Zeus to increase it's force along with the focus and magic force abilities to allow you to render most foes unconscious in a matter of moments. It also deals devastating amounts of damage with either a sword or ki blade while still maintaining the ability to use power control and shrug off most attacks.


Don't call me 'Tiny'...

A big beefy bruiser that can work with or without a sword to crush any that dare stands in it's way. It boasts fantastic physical and tank stats to serve as on the front-lines in any battle.


Heavenly Father

This small Kaio build takes advantage of the increases to speed and recovery from their racial Mystic ability to make them incredibly potent sword or ki based fighters while using power control to achieve frightening levels of battle power.

Spirit Dolls

Even more power!

Spirit Dolls are the kings of power control. With their amazing defence and speed they can avoid hits for ages as you reach levels of power up most could only dream of and then swiftly bring them down with a potent barrage of Ki.


Small and Evasive

This build is very evasive and will allow you to zip around while you power up to be on par with or stronger than your opponent and then bring them down with a combination of a sword and strong ki attacks.

Get over here!

This build is all about beating your opponent with overwhelming physical attacks. Using a sword you'll cut through most opponents no questions asked and your end, resistance and defense will allow you to mitigate the BP disadvantage you'll be facing against most foes.


All around a good guy!

A small warrior Namekian excels in every possible area. They can utilise power up to overwhelm their opponents. Their speed combined with their excellent offense and defence mods allow them to evade most attacks from other races while still being able to hit just about any opponent with or without a sword in hand.

Shut up and use your fist!

A sharp contrast to the other clans of Namekian Demon is all about physical attacking. It boasts incredible strength and endurance and will have no problems shrugging off attacks from even the most powerful foes. This build completely foregoes training defence and focuses offense from the beginning to make use of a sword.

Power up!

This build is centered around using power control to overwhelm your opponent and then bring them down with an almighty barrage of ki attacks. Your speed and defence will buy you the time you need to hit the higher levels of power control and then turn the tide of battle in your favour.



This build breaks the mold of what a low-class is meant to be by foregoing tankiness in favour of being a power-control orientated brawler using a sword to dance around and lay low it's foes.


This build, much like Normal Saiyans in general is built to act a shock trooper. They are powerful bruisers that overwhelms their opponents with brute strength and can take everything their opponent throws at them to the face and keep moving forwards.


This Elite build utilises the combination of Ki attacks, a sword and power control to amplify it's Bp advantage and also exploit whatever style of combat your opponent is weak against to achieve total victory. (I regret sharing this build. It's too strong for public consumption)

Legendary Saiyan

The large legendary Saiyan is all about running through their opponents with overwhelming power. Their incredible endurance and resistance let's them laugh at just about any attack thrown their way and then counter attack with devastating melee attacks to cut even the most durable of foes down to size.



This build has a simple goal in mind - Win the war of attrition. While your own attacks won't do considerable amounts of damage you'll take next to no damage from just about any attack you're faced with so you'll eventually win the battle.


This build has a simple goal in mind - Win the war of attrition. While your own attacks won't do considerable amounts of damage you'll take next to no damage from just about any attack you're faced with so you'll eventually win the battle.

King Kold

This build is a power control orientated build to assert dominance early to mid-wipe while crushing just about everyone in your way. It's high offense allows it to use a sword to make up for it's low strength while retaining the ability to use ki attacks against low resistance opponents. Your overwhelming BP wall over all of your foes will bring you absolute victory!


Large and in charge!

A large Demon is a big, unstoppable bruiser that refuses to take no for answer. With pure focus on offense it can make use of a sword to amplify it's already insane strength to mow down anyone that dares stand in it's way. It also takes advantage of the Majin ability's stat buffs to make it even more monstrous than it is already.

Eat my blast!

The small demon is a ki focused combatant that takes advantage of Archdemon's plethora of amazing Ki techniques with piercer chief among them to devastate any and all opponents.


Did you feel that?

This build is quite literally the definition of "I don't care that you are attacking me". You'll take no damage from anything thrown your way and can go about your day freely flattening all of your opponents with powerful melee attacks or just doing your techie things as that is the path the build is designed for

Herans/Space Pirates

This blade!

The Space Pirate is a very potent sword-based combatant boasting incredible speed to let them evade everything their foes throw at them while delivering death by a thousand cuts.


Oh! I'm over there! Now, I'm here!

The small Yardrat is all about moving fast and hitting it's foes with incredibly potent ki blasts and beams while taking advantage of it's racial ability to zanzoken while charging to ensure you have absolute control of the battlefield.


Beat you to a pulp!

Large Kanassan takes advantage of their racial Limit Breaker's increases to strength, offense and battle power to batter all of their opponents in to submission with powerful sword attacks while still maintaining the ability to use beams to finish off particularly annoying foes like death regenners.

Custom Aliens

Ki Blade Build

This build relies around the skill 'Ki Blade', and to make up for the fact that that skill reduces some stats, you will be able to power up and slowly widdle down your opponent. This build is definitely one for the patient. It is suggested that this build go for the melee transformation.