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Hello, newcomers!

This is the new Roleplay Tenkaichi guide! This guide will explain all the questions you might have to ask.

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How do I start?
Step 1: Download BYOND and make a gamer key

Step 2: Launch Roleplay Tenkaichi!

Step 3: Have fun!

Start/New to Roleplay Tenkaichi

First off, there is Roleplay (RP).

What is RP?

RP stands for Role-play(ing), which is where players act as a character and make choices as their character, based off their previous actions and interactions with other player-characters. Characters are normally fictional and original, which means they're completely made up. RPing is like acting, where you just pretend to be someone else, and try to make choices by thinking as your character, not as yourself, and how your character would go about interacting with the world and people around them.

Why RP?

Because it's fun. Everyone has a different reason for enjoying roleplay, but whether it's to pretend to be someone you're not, or to talk to or meet other people, or even because there's nothing better to do, in the end it is because RPing is a fun way to bring life to a world and story with other people. In terms of the game itself, roleplay is essential to your progress. RP is the main thing you have to do in this game. Without RP, this game would be just as bland and boring as any other verb game. RP is what you do whenever you want to do some sort of action that could possibly harm you, others, or just some type of action in general. Picture yourself trying to pick something up, or trying to hit someone. Those are all things that you'd want to RP in-game.

How do I RP?

You would need to RP it by going to the Other tab in the info browser, pressing 'Emote', and then typing your action into the window that opens. You can also use the command-line at the bottom of the game-window to type the verb 'Emote' and press Enter on your keyboard to open the window. (See the Macros section for information on how to bind the Emote verb to a key.) This seems a little confusing, so here's an example:

So you can see, there was first something going on in-character (ICly), two people sparring. So player Gabriel makes a roleplay, or a post, using the emote verb to describe what his character was doing when he watched the two people sparring accidentally destroy a player-made building.

This started a little back-and-forth between those involved, using both the 'Say' and 'Emote' verbs. Both count as roleplay.


Godmodding is taking control of another player's character during roleplay. It's frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else's. Here's an example...
You can see here, that Gabriel pretty much said what Lucifer did, not allowing Lucifer the ability to respond with his own characters reactions, or even allow him to avoid a fatal technique. This isn't within the power of your character, and also does not allow Lucifer to play the game, and react how he wishes his character to react.


Then there is OOC. OOC stands for Out-of-Character, and is used whenever you want to message others without RPing. In OOC you can say whatever you want. Unless it is harmful towards others or awfully rude. Either way, you can say whatever you want. You can use local OOC via the 'Say' verb, just put your message within parenthesis like so:

(Meta-gaming, telling others bugs to abuse, etc in OOC would be considered something you cannot do and you WILL be punished for it.)


The next thing you should know is how to make Macros. Macros are pretty easy to do. You simply right click the white space at the top of your game, go to Client, then click Macros. Once there, you press New Macro, which takes you to a place where you can make your macro. Put whatever Key you want. The key I personally use is Spacebar. To put Spacebar, you either type in 'Space,' or go to 'Find Key.' Same with other things that you cannot just type in, like the Alt key or the Shift key. If you are going to attack or shoot blasts, you should most likely put the Macro to repeat, then make the command as whatever you want the verb to be. Once done, you press Ok, and BOOM! You have your macro.

Building your Character

Building your character is where you make who you will be portraying through the entirety of the wipe. You will be able to choose your race, your body size, your gender, and even your age! You will also be able to choose where to put certain stat points to give your character a certain uniqueness. Below is a way to test different characters builds. (Remember, this spreadsheet is not always up to date!)

Click here to test out race builds!

Although Roleplay Tenkaichi is a roleplaying game, stats and skills still come into play when determining in-character outcomes. Here's some hopeful information on your stats and things that affect them.

Body Sizes

Body Description Stat Effects

Small characters represent a member of their race that is shorter and/or leaner than the average by quite a bit.

Vegeta, Krillin, Chiaotzu, or Roshi can be seen as a small member of their race.

Energy: 100%
Strength: 80%

Endurance: 90%
Speed: 130%

Force: 120%
Resistance: 90%

Offense: 110%
Defense: 110%

Regeneration: 100%
Recovery: 110%


Medium characters represent a member of their race that falls in line with the normal height/weight of their kind. Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, or Tien can be seen as a medium member of their race.

It does not apply any changes to your base modifiers, leaving you at the standard scores in each for your race.


Large characters represent a member of their race that is taller and/or bulkier than the average by quite a bit.

Nappa, King Kold, Ox King, or King Piccolo can be seen as a large member of their race.

Energy 110%
Strength: 130%

Endurance: 130%
Speed: 80%

Force: 80%
Resistance: 120%

Offense: 100%
Defense: 90%

Regeneration: 100%
Recovery: 90%

Knockback Resistance: 1


Race Description

The Humans are a race of beings that live on Earth. They lack raw power like most Earthlings but their smarts in the arts of technology and martial arts makes up for it. They are the foremost experts on technology on earth even if some of them are warriors. There have been a number of powerful humans able to tap into a hidden locked power deep inside their being called the 'third eye' in some circles.


The Shinjin, or as they are more commonly referred to as, Kaios, are beings born with the essences of the gods. In most cases, made in the image of a Kaioshin or god of creation. They are able to tap into a piece of the Kaioshins power and are very well known as speedy Ki users with the power to hold a lot of extra might behind them. Due to their God's normally kind nature, they are born with good hearts and tend to sway on the side of good.


Of the realm of the afterlife, the Demons are by far the most well known by mortals as the most evil beings that exist. They seem to have a reverse of that of the Kaios of the afterlife in they while they are also born of a god, they are born of the God of Corruption, or as many call them, the Demon Lord. Due to their nature, they are naturally more inclined to be evil. Their god, much like the Kaioshin, also has a piece of his power put into his creations. This energy is a dark feasting pit of evil that feeds on evil. In the realm of the afterlife, Demons are there to either to spread corruption to those of good hearts to the side of evil, or to punish the sinners of the past.


Demi-gods excel at Fighting with raw power and strength. These half gods tend to fall under a pantheon of the many other gods that exist in the universe, some are from Norse, some are from Greek, some are from Romen, and some are from the series of other gods and goddess of their past. There are a few Greek Demi-gods who excel at the power of Ki. Common among most however is that they are very weak in terms of speed, and they don't have as much raw power as a Demon. but as a perk, if they side with Heaven or Hell, they can get the blessing of the Demons or the blessing of the Kaioshin.


They are a race of Red or Blue Ogres that live in the living realm they are very physical fit, even more so than demi-gods in most cases and have a large temper to handle in all cases. They are able to shapeshift and become very large or very dense, in this form, they have a even bigger temper to deal with and they are far more powerful. Onis have a gift for understanding and using technology, and due to the fact they are in the realm of the dead, are also very gifted in the art of magic as well.


Saiyans are a race of warriors with a high amount of raw power. They are capable of transforming into giant apes during the full moon, which grants them amazing strength and toughness but renders them bulky. Their social structure functions on a caste system decided by the power children are born with.


The lowest caste of Saiyans, these hardy warriors stand at the bottom of the social pyramid. What they lack in raw power is more than made up for by their potent ability to take punishment and generate adrenaline. This class is the most common, they are considered the standard grunt and are the workhorse of the Saiyan race.


The bread and butter of Saiyan society. They live better lives than the low-class though they are still under the thumb of the Elite. Used primarily as shock troops in times of war. They boast defensive capabilities nearly on par with their labour-hardened kin though have a greater natural power. They excel at just about everything with a smidgen of training.


The absolute pinnacle of what it means to be Saiyan. They embody all of the values Saiyans hold most dear - Strength; honour, pride and incredible will. They rule their society with an iron fist and enjoy the fruits of their lesser-born kin's labours. They serve as military leaders, influential politicians and sit atop the oft-contested throne of Vegeta.


Legendary Saiyans are a rare type of Saiyan that have evolved differently from the other classes. They are essentially the berserker class of the species and usually quick to anger. They have different and more powerful transformations that have earned them their class name from the sheer amount of raw power they possess. Not much else is known about them as they almost never appear and some believe their existence to simply be a myth.

Spirit Doll

The 'Spirit dolls' as they are called are a race of beings birthed by magic and mages to form bodies for souls. They are souls bound to a body, in most cases, these are birthed in bodies of white faced dolls. Due to how they are birthed with magic and sorcery, they are some of the most powerful mages as they are inclined to draw in magical energies with their bodies. They can also be birthed in other bodies such as suits of armor. But it is rare they ever look or truly function like that of humans or humanoid aliens.


The Makyojin are a race of demonic worshippers that praise and feed on the demonic power of a comet that flies across the Galaxy. Due to it's strange Ki-like aura, the Makyo, and Demons, have learned how to draw power from it to make them grow more powerful with each close passing of it. Makyojin use the power of this rare celestial body to transform into a much larger form and surge with brute force. Their distant connection to Demons have learned their tongue and even are able to summon them from the pits of hell to aid them.

Majin (Rare)

These magical beings are made a goo-like substance given sentience by a powerful magician through ancient rituals. Since they are only created by powerful magics they do not have a social structure or even a population, more so they are individuals with an unending hunger for living beings. They gain tremendous power from absorbing people and are nigh unkillable; only ever truly defeated by the most powerful of attacks.


They are a race of robots that can sometimes look like other races. They are modeled as a basic shell of a body able to upgrade and boost up their power. They have the power to become one of the most powerful races due to how strong they are with upgrades, and how easy they are to customize. They do not have a need for training as much as other races as their power mostly rely on people who are good with tech to upgrade their body.


This race thrives on the power of others, achieving even stronger forms through Absorbing androids. This race has the ability to keep on par with almost any race, even late-wipe.


The natives of Vegeta are a sparse bunch but each is a bastion of excellence in their field, a necessity to survive the barren wastelands. Their intellect is unmatched anywhere in the universe and it's not uncommon to see whole groups of Saiyans digging outside their well-constructed doors. Though most choose not to pursue it, a Tuffle is capable of incredible things in combat, their best able to go toe to toe with even the Elites of Saiyan society.


Alien is but a loose term to describe the countless species inhabiting the cosmos. They truly come in all shapes and sizes and are by far the most mixed bag of any race. Their incredible adaptability is spoken of in Legends throughout the universe as great heroes of Arconia have come wielding incredible powers in times of need.


The inhabitants of Planet Kanassa possess incredible psychic abilities that allow them to peer into the future or delve deep into the mind of any given individual. Not only this, they are feared combatants on any given battlefield as they have developed the ability to increase their physical prowess two fold and cause carnage in the enemy ranks.


The Yardrats as they are called are a race of bizarre beings known for speed, agile and impressive power to break the bounds of the universe. They are a very capable race when it comes to battling due to their high levels of speed, they are also a race that only contains a single known gender.

Heran(Space Pirate)

It is this branch of the Heran that left their homeworld in search of new worlds that they could pilfer for all the valuables they could possibly desire. They created a large space station with which to house their crew when not out on missions and it is here that they reside for the majority of their time. It doesn't matter if it is ships flying through space, planets that they come across, or even other stations with unsuspecting crew if they discover it they will take them for all they own. On top of that they are inclined to subjugate the people they come across so that they might continue to receive benefits from them in the future. Truly, these people are the scum of the galaxy.


A race of Lizard people who are known for their outstanding raw power and physical endurance who are able to morph and alter their form, of their race, there are three different breeds, The basic breed of changling known as the "Frieza" Breed are the most common and weakest. Then there are the less common, but nearly the same "Cooler" breed, who are nearly the same up until the level of their final forms, which is far more powerful. Lastly, there is the "Cold" breed, the most rare, and most powerful breed who has the most raw power, but due to their power, they bodies can't handle as much transformations then the other two. Their race are very weak in terms of understanding how to make or build any form of technology or magic.

Frieza (Common)

The Frieza Changelings are by far the most common and are much like the foot soldier of their race. This breed of changeling is able to transform up to three times, to boost their power to excessively high levels of raw power.

Cooler (Rare)

The Cooler changelings are more like that of the middle class, while not as rare as the Cold, they are still quite rare to see in most changelings, this breed has evolved to a level to channel a lot more power into their last and final form, allowing it to be quite a bit more powerful compared to it.

King Kold (Unique)

The Kold Changelings are far less evolutional then the other two breeds, but they have far more raw power, and can only change their form a single time. But unlike the other two breeds, their powers are far more immense and powerful making them likely the more terrifying form of changling to exist


The Namekian are a peaceful race which are very spiritual in nature which is even more accurate when one takes a look at the Dragon Clan in particular. The species survives purely off of water as they have no need for other sustenance and their method of breeding is usually to spit out an egg which upon hatching will usually be born into the size of a young child. As they age Namekian will be placed into one of the clans which is usually the Warrior Clan but in rare cases a Namekian will be born with aptitude for the Dragon Clan. However, in some cases there will be a Namekian born with a 'mutation' within their mind that makes them far more aggressive than their counterparts. It is these Namekians who went on to create the Demon Clan which is a vicious group of their mutated fellows which desire nothing more than to dominate the entirety of the world.


The Warrior Clan are those namekians who were trained in the martial arts so that they might protect their people from any threats within or without. The Warrior Clan answer directly to the Elder of the group of Namekians that they are charged with protecting but they also answer directly to the Warrior charged with protecting the Guru of their entire species. It is the duty of the Warrior Clan to destroy any threat which may harm their people even if it is Namekian whom have fallen onto the path of the demon. The majority of Namekian are usually placed into the Warrior Clan as aptitude for the Dragon Clan is rare.


Dragon Clan Namekians are those who have studied under an Elder in order to take on the roles of a healer, a teacher, and eventually even replace the Elder should they pass away. They are immersed in the spiritual aspect of the Namekian culture and are the only sect of the Namekians to have an understanding of the dragon balls. Unlike the Warrior Clan it is not the duty of the Dragon Clan to engage in any combat as they are merely responsible for guiding their people towards a better future.


The Demon Clan are Namekians who are incredibly volatile unlike the rest of their kind and tend to delight in causing torment to those they deem as beneath them. It is believed that the Demon Clan suffer from mutations not simply of the body but also of the mind as they are so frighteningly different from their cousins. The Namekians of the Demon Clan tend to give birth to numerous children whom they forcefully mutate during gestation so that they may succeed at a particular task. Regardless of the fact these mutated creatures are technically their children the Demon Clan doesn't care as even their own child is not safe from them. Should one of the Demon Clan be put into a life-threatening situation they may very well attempt to pass their own existence on by giving birth to a true Namekian.

Stat, Modifiers, & What They Do

Battle Power:

This has also been referred to as 'power level' in the series. It is in many ways the most important stat of all. It is the numerical value displayed on Scouters and represents a fighter[s] general level of power. Though it is not always the case, a fighter with a higher Battle Power is more likely to defeat one with a lower one.

Generally speaking, races with lower battle power modifiers have better stat modifiers in one or more categories, or have other special features to make up for their lack of battle power. Make no mistake, however, a higher battle power is what fighters should ultimately strive for, as it simply makes you better at everything.


Represents how much total Ki you have. A high energy stat lets you use skills and buffs that slowly drain energy longer, because draining, for example, 10 energy per second would be 10% of 100 energy, but only 1% of 1000 energy. In addition to this, energy is also used to determine your ability to learn most skills, with higher energy making it easier in general.

This is very important for builds that want to power up, or have transformations that continually drain their energy. Low energy builds may find difficulty in utilizing any kind of buff or ki attack that comes with an energy cost. The cost of some skills may also factor your Recovery modifier.


This represents how physically strong you are. A high strength stat increases the physical damage you deal with basic punches, roundhouse kicks, dash attacks, and sword techniques. High strength builds tend to dish out lots of damage, especially if they can lock their opponent in a combo they cannot escape from. Low strength builds are forced to rely on ki attacks, or augment their lack of raw power with speed or equipment such as swords. A common misconception is that it is impossible to play a melee-centric character with a strength modifier of 1 or lower, but this is not always the case.


This represents how much damage resistance you have against physical attacks. A high durability stat makes it harder for opponents to hurt you with standard attacks, though it does not help against most skills that utilize ki, such as blasts and beams. High endurance builds can often outlast their opponent if they are using skills that rapidly drain them, giving them an edge in the long haul. It also helps somewhat while sparring since you can withstand punches better. Defense synergizes well with this stat, because being evasive in addition to being durable makes for a fighter that is very hard to damage.


Speed is a bit of an oddball. Its most readily apparent use is contributing extra points to your offense and defense scores, but it also does a number of other things. Firstly, the modifier itself is applied to movement speed, cooldowns between most attacks, and the damage rate of Zanzoken combos. In general, the higher your speed modifier, the more damage you will inflict while Zanzoken comboing.

It is a viable and often preferable strategy to disable Zanzoken combo if your character[s] speed modifier is very low, or your hit rate against your opponent is lackluster due to their defense compared to your offense, as attacks made without warp simply deal 100% of their normal damage. The Speed stat itself also slowly increases movement speed and refire, but on a very steep curve, making it hard to notice at first. Speed may also help learn certain skills, such as Zanzoken.


Force represents your spiritual 'strength', essentially. It affects how much damage you deal with ki-based attacks, such as blasts, beams, death balls, etc. It may also help in learning certain ki-based attacks in conjunction with energy. One strategy for high force-based races is to not train strength and instead fight mostly with ki, though this has a number of major downsides that may ultimately make a more mixed build work better. If you can obtain Ki Blade, it is very useful for extremely high Force builds. Force is the stat that is also most often completely ignored by characters that want to build full melee builds, opting instead to simply always focus resistance, which is a viable, if extremely specialized route to take.


This represents your spiritual 'durability,' essentially. It affects how much damage you resist from incoming ki-based attacks such as blasts, beams, spirit bombs, etc. High resistance builds tend to shrug off a lot of damage from smaller ki attacks, though it is basically never a good strategy to try to 'tank' projectiles, thus even high resistance builds should try to simply avoid them. Defense synergizes with Resistance, since being highly evaside and also durable makes it hard for you to get hurt at all. Resistance is also very good on any race with death regeneration such as Majin or Bio-Android, since it makes it more difficult for your foes to break your death threshold and kill you 'through' your death regen.


This determines how accurate your attacks are, both physical and spiritual. High offense builds tend to deal lots of damage because they can manage a high hit rate. However, it is possible to have too much offense depending on your opponent, so having a ridiculous modifier in Offense may sometimes be a waste. With that said, there are ways to effectively lower your Offense in order to gain other stats in game. For example, Expand increases your damage output by raising your Strength, but lowers your Offense (among other things), so if your hit rate is already basically 100% against a given opponent, you can Expand to hit them harder since you can’t miss anyway. Swords are another good way to do this, directly lowering accuracy and nothing else, while increasing damage, though if you lower your hit rate too much, it may not be worth it.


This is the opposite of Offense, it represents how evasive you are. Defense both allows you to avoid melee attacks and deflect some energy attacks. Keep in mind though, not all attacks can be deflected, so the best strategy is typically to just move out of the way. A high defense synergizes with armor, or Durability/Resistance, since increasing your avoidance rate in addition to these makes you even harder to hurt. Defense is often the cornerstone of builds designed around stalling for time to gather power, through power up or other buffs.


This is one of two modifiers that cannot actually be trained. Regeneration affects your health gain rate, bringing you closer to 100% HP every few seconds if you are damaged. Regeneration itself is often seen as one of the weaker options to invest into, but a high regeneration modifier on a durable or evasive build can make you a great deal harder to hurt. Regeneration also seems to affect Zenkai to an extent, though this is more of a fringe benefit than anything. More recently, Regeneration was updated to increase the duration of the rare skill 'Limit Breaker'.


This is the other of two modifiers that can’t be trained. Recovery is in several ways more important than Regeneration. In addition to affecting the rate in which you recover lost Energy, Recovery is also used in a number of formulas, such as the speed of Power Up, and acts as a divisor on the energy drain of some buffs and abilities. Builds that enjoy using Power Up often invest into Recovery and Energy both.

Non-Combat Scores & Other Stats


This represents the wear and tear on your stamina. If it reaches zero, you will be knocked out. At fifty percent, Anger is usually activated, giving you a power boost. Your Battle Power will reduce in tandem with your Health, so getting beat up weakens you, but if your Anger activates, the penalty on your BP will be temporarily removed until you are no longer angry. Some races, such as Androids, do not factor this, and their Battle Power is never affected by their Health.


This represents the reserve of Energy you have left in your body. As it approaches zero, your Battle Power will lower in tandem, and if it gets too low, some active buffs or transformations will automatically wear off. Androids do not lose Battle Power as their Ki lowers.


This represents a burst of adrenaline your character receives at 50% health, directly increasing Battle Power by your Anger percent, and removing the low health debuff while active. In some situations, you may receive more Anger than normal, like if you witness the death of a close friend / family member, granting you 'death anger' for a time. Meditating cancels anger.

Zanzoken Mastery:

Represents your mastery of the 'Zanzoken' skill, allowing you to teleport short distances and move very quickly mid-combat, as well as the success rate of 'Warp Combo'. You can’t see this stat, it is a hidden statistic, but it is important because it also applies a bonus to your effective Offense and Defense scores the closer it is to 1000. At 1000 Zanzoken mastery, you will leave after images when you use Zanzoken.


Represents your proficiency in either science or magic, determining what things you can create in the science or magic tab. Certain high level items such as ships, gravity machines, spell books, or the ability to enchant gear are locked behind high levels of Int/Mag. Your Int/Mag modifier itself is a divisor on the price of these items, which require either resources obtained through digging or mana obtained through meditating on magic circles. A very very small amount of total stat weight is applied when your Int/Magic level is above 20, making it slightly more difficult to obtain stats if you are trying to dedicate time to science / magic instead of fighting.

Basic Skills: Explanations

Power Control

This allows you to power up and power down. Also, for certain forms, such as those of Saiyans and Changelings, powering up twice will cause them to go into their next form, powering down twice will cause them to revert. Powering up will increase your Battle Power, but drain your energy the higher you go. The more energy you have the higher you can power up without worrying about the drain sucking you back down again. Powering down will allow you to mask your power, or even make yourself weaker to train with others, and Power Stabilize will bring you back to 100% Power instantaneously.


Using this ability drains a constant amount of energy, the drain will be less depending on your max energy and recovery. While using this your BP and Force will increase by 40%, Speed by 30% and Regeneration by 20% for as long as your energy holds out or you stop using the form.If you are a Human your maximum mastery of this skill is increased and you gain an additional 10% Regeneration


Body Expand has four choosable levels. Each level adds 10% BP, -20% Speed, +15% Strength and +10% Endurance, -10% Defense, Offense and Regeneration and -20% Recovery.(Makyos only lose 10% Speed per and gain an additional +8% BP per level, to a total boost of ~+100% BP at 4x.)


This will allow you to grab and throw your opponent, based on your strength and offense compared to their strength and defense. Throwing into objects does more damage, than not.


An attack that becomes more rapid as your skill with it develops


An explosive one-shot energy attack that takes a few seconds to charge. With training its explosiveness and refire speed can increase.


Beam drains 1x energy to use. Does 1x damage. Charges higher every 5 seconds. Has a range of 6. And moves at 33 kilometers an hour. All beams start fully mastered.


Obviously this lets you fly. But it drains energy to do so. The more you use it the more you master it, and the more you master it, the less it drains. Also you can decrease the drain to a lesser level by simply gaining more energy, but the effect is not the same as mastering the move itself. This will let you move much faster than you can by walking.


This technique allows you to instantly move to another location within a short range. To use it, simply click the spot you want to go to, within sight, and your character will teleport there. It will also also you to use Warp-comboing, which you can activate or deactivate by hitting the 'Combo' verb under the 'Other' tab, this will allow you to attack your enemies 5x as fast, but in exchange for a 80% damage reduction.

Warp Attack:

Warp around your target at insane speeds and with increased accuracy but a 70% reduction in damage. This technique is mainly used to "close the gap" with an enemy, it can be used to catch your target while they are being knocked back, or if they are attempting to flee from you.

Dash Attack:

Use your impressive speed to rush at your opponent and strike them as you advance. The further you dash, the stronger your attacks, but the more it will drain.

Roundhouse Kick:

Unleash a devastating roundhouse kick that hits everyone around you. This attack has reduced knockback but 250% damage.

Sword Skills: Explanations

Cleave Attack:

Use a sword to attack the three tiles in front of your character. This attack has increased accuracy and damage compared to a normal sword attack.

Sword Stab:

Use your sword to stab your enemy and the tile behind them. Scaling bonus damage with strength mod and increased damage to armor, with a higher chance power armor to hit than normal.


Using this ability will reduce your Energy, Endurance and Recovery by 20%. While using this your BP and Speed will increase by 40%, and your Offense and Strength by 30%.

Technology & Magic

Technology Magic
Name Description Level Name Description Level
Armor Wearing it will protect you from damage while increasing endurance but lowering speed. Remember to raise the durability with rescources or lose it as soon as you make it. 2 Magic Goo You thought Punching Bag's were fun?! Wait until you get your hands on this baby! You can hit this thing until it becomes a pile of muck on the floor! 3
Shovel Equip it to dig slightly faster than usual. It’s going to be outclassed soon anyway so who cares about it. 2 Shovel You really enjoy magic, don't you?! Well, what is the best way to show that affection than by digging for resources!? 4
Boxing Gloves Tired of 1-shotting that low-class saiyan your training with? Just pop on these to decrease the damage you do! Great for the saiyan native language of 'SPAH'. 3 Boxing Gloves Tired of 1-shotting that low-class saiyan your training with? Just pop on these to decrease the damage you do! Great for the saiyan native language of 'SPAH'. 4
Bandages Did you just get the crap beaten out of you? Want to heal faster? Pop these on to do just that! 3 Armor Wearing it will protect you from damage while increasing endurance but lowering speed. Remember to raise the durability with rescources or lose it as soon as you make it. 5
Sword Mr. Sharp edge here increases the damage you do based on how much it is upgraded. It increases strength and cuts Offense... Get it? Cuts! 3 Sword Mr. Sharp edge here increases the damage you do based on how much it is upgraded. It increases strength and cuts Offense... Get it? Cuts! 6
Hand Drill This is why shovels are only good for hiding bodies. It increases the dig rate by a substantial amount. 4 Mana Pylon This bad boy will allow you to collect mana in higher quantities, and without you being present! You can upgrade these bad boys to make them gather faster! Be weary though, if someone has a higher level one nearby, it may eat up all the mana that the planet has to offer before yours can! 7
Dummy Use it to increase offense and defense faster. You have to actually work at it though as you only gain when you hit where the arrows are. 4 Door Pass Use it to open doors without having to put the password in it every time. 9
Punching Bag Need to relieve some stress? Just grab ole punchy right here and do just that! Using it will raise all stats with it primarily raising offense and defense! 4 Spell Book A book which allows you to channel the arcane at the cost of mana. This can enable you to perform many magical feats, and even gain mana faster while collecting! 10
LSD Remember when your mother said do not do drugs? Me either! Pop this into your blood stream or the blood stream of your enemy *wink wink* to go for a ride! The stronger it is the longer the effects are! 6 Heal This let's you Heal people, in exchange for more mana!
Poison -- DISCONTINUED DUE TO INHERIT DANGERS You know how you want to use LSD on your enemies? Well heres a thought! Try Poison! Injecting it causes toxic damage over time! The stronger it is the stronger the effects! 6 Lightning Bolt You can literally fire a lightning bolt at somebody, the strength of the lightning bolt being dependent on how much mana you spend!
Steroids Want to be a real Athlete?! Want to have small and mostly un-functioning genitalia? Well then come on down! Using these will increase your power but make you unable to mate until it wears off! But hey at least you can run fast!! 7 Enchant This allows you to increase buffs on Armor and Swords, adding stats or BP to the equipment so that a fighter is stronger while wearing them.
Drill Towers The drill tower that you will be seeing a lot of! Making one automatically digs resources out of the planet until it is completely depleted. A techie[s] best friend. 7 Create Portal You can create a WORM HOLE from one location to another using coordinates! (Find coordinates using the Scanner!)
Handgun Feel like throwing modquitos at your enemies?! Look no further! 9 Dummy Use it to increase offense and defense faster. You have to actually work at it though as you only gain when you hit where the arrows are. 8
Door Pass Use it to open doors without having to put the password in it every time. 7 Magic Door An upgradeable door! Its far stronger than an average door! 12
Communicator By setting it to the same frequency as another you are able to talk across the universe. Talk about a long distance call! 8 Book Case Honestly, just looks nice... doesn't do anything helpful 15
Ammo Grab your ammo packs its time to load up your guns! 9 Magic Circle This circle will allow whoever is in the center to gain more MANA! 18
RPG Just fire this and check it out! 10 Crystal Ball This will allow you to watch your friends...or foes...for, you guessed it! Mana! 24
Reinforced Vault/Door An upgradeable door! Its far stronger than an average door! 10 Magic Scanner This is a more accurate version of the technology version! This will allow you to read the battlepower of nearby fighters, and will even allow you to see battlepower of people who have unlocked the power of the Gods! 28
Photon Repeaters Side effects of usage may include a tiny bit of radiation sickness 15 Simulation Crystal Do you not have anyone to spar with constantly? Can you not split your body like Tien? Or do you just not have any friends? Well then this is the Device for you! Make a copy of yourself up to the BP limit in which the device was upgraded to fight with! 30
Spacesuit A space suit for you to not to die from the space because of the lack of Air! 16 Magic Vault This is what you use to hide all that mana you've collected, you can password protect it so that if you can't have it, no one can. 35
Book Case/Medical Cabinet A place to hold books and Medicine that is entirely cosmetic but looks cool and official. A must for any tech lab. 18 Elixer of Respec This potion will allow you to halve one stat, this is primarily used to fix builds and to help balance yourself for certain combat. 50
Stun Chip/Stun Controls Tired of people trying to oppose you when you are a tyrannical ruler? Well have I got news for you! The state of the art stun controls will ensure that after you beat them once with the press f a button you can beat them again! 20 Elixer of Life This potion will allow you to add five more years to your life, but in an exchange for energy 60
Scanner Become Vegeta with one of these! Use it to read your opponents power and misjudge whether or not you can beat them. Detect Items that you have it set to find. Access your security systems. And Communicate across the universe! Talk about an all in one item! 22 Moon Create a false moon to cause saiyans to turn into their Oozaru form!! 65
Regenerator The staple of the universe for those without heal. Be like Goku and heal yourself with this nifty device that gets stronger in its effects the more it is upgraded! 24 Phylactery This will revive you each time you are killed. This is the most efficient model of cloner, taking the least amount of decline per death and requiring the least amount of time to activate your body. Each time you are cloned and the cloner is activated, you lose time from your remaining lifespan. 100
Simulator Do you now have anyone to spar with constantly? Can you not split your body like Tien? Or do you just not have any friends? Well then this is the Device for you! Make a copy of yourself up to the BP limit in which the device was upgraded to fight with! 28
TV The world’s best time waster! Use it with security cameras to watch the area the camera is in! Or to laugh at the failure of others on GodTube. 29
Force Field With this you will be able to temporarily stave off Ki attacksuntil it runs out of battery. Great for blocking those pesky Ki attacks. 28
Motion Detector/Security Camera Using these items when set in a frequency with the scouter or TV will alert you to an intruder’s presence in the vicinity. 30
Bomb/Detonator It’s Hiroshima all over again. With this one. Create a powerful bomb that is even able to be upgraded into a tactical nuke or missile. 32
Cloak/ Cloak Controls Become invisible with the cloak controls or make another object invisible by installing the cloak and activating the controls. Use it to assassinate your enemies. 34
Hacking Controls Hack into everything! Well Safes doors and security systems. 35
Recycler Throw everything in here to get half of the resources back! Swords, Simulators, People, EVEVERYTHING!!!!! 33
Transporter Pad / Teleportation Watch Teleport around the universe with these! Set the watch and pad to the same frequency to teleport to them. 36-38
Android Chassis Build your own android! Set a password to it to make sure only a person you want to enter it does! 40
Android Upgrade Component Upgrade your Android friends with these! Each upgrade makes them far stronger than before. 40
Safe Store your money in the safe and set a password to make sure it can’t be stolen. 40
Pod A pod for space travel. Hurl yourself across the universe at amazing speeds! 60
Pod - MK2 A better, more comfortable pod for travel! 64
Pod - MK3 The best possible pod for rich guys! 68
Ship A large spacecraft cruiser for you and your crew. Become King of the Pirates with this one! 70
Moon Create a false moon to cause saiyans to turn into their Oozaru form!! 62
Emitter Your moon has turned black! Unleash the Golden Oozaru with this one!
Ship MK II Is your old clunky ship not enough? Get this new and improved model! Guaranteed to get you to your next destination safely! 74
Gravity Create a gravity machine! Train under harsh conditions to improve your power! 78
Ship MK III If you want that boujee lifestyle, look no further! 82
Cloning Tank Make a cloning tank that will revive you when you die at the cost of decline. The more you die the lower your decline. 85
Adamantine Skeleton Your bones become unbreakable and you get an endurance buff. But careful you will break all your bones during the process. 90
Power Armor Enter the power armor! In Provides better benefits than normal armor and increases your Battle Power, Endurance, Resistance, and Strength but lowers your speed! Become Iron Man and Power through your enemies! 120